Body Pix / Final

Christina Lan
3 min readJun 23, 2021


I’ve been keen to work with this library, but this week’s attempts were interesting in trying to work with Body Pix. It’s definitely not friendly to my computer and I had to restart Chrome/Firefox multiple times. My computer might not have the RAM for this library, which made experimentation fairly difficult. After re-watching the recording, I went ahead and remixed the Glitch project and played around with the img.pixels, eventually getting something like this:

While I liked this effect, I wasn’t sure how to turn the background mask black while having my trailing face stay visible, so I looked into how to use “partMask” and “personMask.” After playing around with both of these and having my browser crash several times, I decided to stick with data segmentation. I enjoyed the example from ml5 with the HSB color palette, and then experimented with using floor(random(bodyPix.config.palette). I also changed the grid to increase by resolution instead of x & y, which created a nice mesh effect.

Instead of using the myColor array, I wanted to fill the img.pixels with random text, so I created a new text array and ended up with this effect:

At this point I was just trying to do as much “glitch” art while still being able to edit with decent load times, so I kept going and messed with an HSB pixel index palette:

Lastly, I incorporated the myColor array to fill in additional shapes that corresponded to the pixel grid. The ellipse is filled in with colors from the array and the rect() populates the grid with a much more interesting and responsive gradient. While I didn’t do anything radical, I really liking the end result of a trippy video filter:

And here’s the live code!!/aware-obvious-scowl

Upon further experimentation with hands only, I came up with another effect:

Lastly, I tried using the img text to also place across the screen, but it takes a very long time to load, so it more or so looks like a stamp:

Either way, I had a lot of fun with this iteration!